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What is Included in Drug Possession?

In the 21st century, drugs market has been rapidly developing. Drugs can devastate communities, families and individuals. Criminal narcotics industry is currently a multi-billion dollar and multifaceted business. Beginning with manufacturing along with distributing to sales as well as simple possession, the vast scope of criminal deeds regarding illegal narcotics is shocking. Research reveals that, approximately 14 thousand people die because of illegal drugs while a thousand dies due to criminal activities involving illegal drug possession. Consequently, state laws have stated that carrying, owning or holding any form of illegal drug is a serious crime against the society.

The zeitgeist of a society is reflected by its policies and drug possession laws. Possessing drugs can lead to harsh forfeits like life incarceration compared to any other illegal drug activity. Possessing illegal drugs is a severe crime with serious penalties both in state and federal level. The severity of the consequences in a drug possession charge varies with the following factors:

  • Offender’s age.
  • Drug type.
  • The offender’s intent.
  • Quantity.
  •  Crime location.

For drug possession crimes, penalties are proportionate to the crime along with the associated mitigating factors.

Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Possession

A misdemeanor is a smaller crime compared to the felony ones. The drug possession penalties differ from state to state. Normal penalties of misdemeanor include:

  • Community service
  • Small fine.
  • Probation.
  • Court counseling.

Felony drug possession charges are much more serious. The penalties are much harsher as mandated by the law. Along with possession, the intention to distribute or sell adds the seriousness of crime. If the criminal holds a huge amount of drug in possession, then that’s a case of felony drug possession.Thus, in case of a conviction of such severe offense, sufficient legal representation is required. Only a good drug lawyer can comfort that representation. So it is essential to hire a good drug lawyer.